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Specialists In Supplying High-Quality Australian Made Waterproofing Products.

When it comes to the providing the highest quality Australian waterproofing products for your Melbourne building, Construction Coatings Australia are the professional team that can do it all for you. Our goal is to ensure that all old and new waterproofing projects across Melbourne and Australia get the highest quality waterproofing products and service, whether you are in need of goods for internal wet area use (like bathroom waterproofing products) or external use (like roof waterproofing supplies). We have products that can be used above ground, below grade or both.

We are suppliers of new waterproofing products that are Australian-made, owned and Compliant with AS/NZS 4858:2004 for all building developments throughout Melbourne. Our water-based waterproofing products can make all the difference!

We are also sheet membrane suppliers. This material is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to keep liquid from penetrating your internal or external surface. And membrane is not just limited to floors or roofs– it can be used on everything from basement walls to outdoor retaining walls!

Best Waterproofing Products In Melbourne.

We are proud water-based waterproofing and sheet membrane suppliers. We offer some of the most reliable and long-lived products on the market. In our collection, we have a large selection of balcony, basement, roof, under-tile and bathroom waterproofing products that will have a strong and powerful impact on your development project. You shouldn’t risk your new developments and fixtures with cheap, poorly made products. Whether you need to waterproof your shower or your roof, we will make sure that you have the best products for the job so that your building is secure for years to come.

Given the quality and longevity of our products, including a 10-year manufacturer guarantee for all purchases, our customers can have peace of mind in their decision to choose Construction Coatings. When it comes to providing the best water-based waterproofing products for old and new development projects, we are the waterproofing product suppliers for you.

Waterproofing Membrane Products Made For Australia.

As a local business based in Melbourne, we understand the strains and forces that building structures are subject to throughout the country. Exterior basements are experiencing water-induced mould outbreaks, roofs are springing leaks. That is why we have worked hard to ensure that our new range of general-use and bathroom waterproofing products, primers, epoxies and roof waterproofing membranes are formulated to withstand all weather conditions within the building industry. We even have negative side waterproofing products that can be applied from inside your property for maximum ease and efficiency.

You can be sure that our products are strong enough to hold up against all types of weather and situational damage, regardless of whether you need our products for your bathroom, balcony, basement, roof or under tile projects. Baths, showers, exterior basement walls and swimming pools alike are guaranteed protection with our high-quality selection!

Explore our range of waterproofing supplies and know that whatever you’re getting will be reliable, long-lasting and easy to apply. To find out more about our company or products, call us on 9870 3137 and speak to Melbourne’s best waterproofing product suppliers.

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