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About Us

We’re a locally-based Melbourne business who prides ourselves on supplying the highest quality products for the Waterproofing, flooring and concrete repair industries. Our team understands the forces that building structures become subjected to by our harsh climate. Which means we make available the best Australian made products for use from residential to commercial.

We’re in 2 convenient locations, Tullamarine and Ringwood so we’re able to service and provide large areas of Melbourne, which makes us a leading distributor of waterproofing, sealants, silicones, flooring and concrete repair products.


Our team is passionate about waterproofing and construction as we’ve been in trades ourselves for many years. Which means with our experience, we understand that every project is different so you can rely on us to give the best advice on products based on your requirements. With our combined experience, high level of expertise, and certification, we can provide you with excellence in information and service.

Our waterproofing passion means we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing top-quality products which are Australian made, owned and AS/NZS 4858:2004 compliant for all building projects and developments throughout Melbourne. We know our products can make all the difference to your projects. 

Industry Knowledge 

Our team is established partners in trade businesses as many of us are tradesmen ourselves, so we know and understand trades industries and specific requirements first hand. We are skilled and knowledgable in what we know, understand all materials and the best working methods for building, construction and various projects. 

Product Knowledge

We have a knowledgable team of waterproofing specialists which means we can help you get the best products for your building project. We aim to give all customers professional help and advice along with expert service when selecting their products. 

We believe in supplying only top quality products, and we ensure a high level of customer service, assistance and guidance. No matter what type of project you’re working on and it’s requirements we’ll give your trusted and reliable advice for the best products to use. 

Expert Service

We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing all our customers with the best range of Australian waterproofing, flooring, sealants, silicones and concrete repair products and solutions. And through our years of first-hand industry experience, we offer the best in professional advice and excellence in service. 

Products that Benefit

Our comprehensive range of Australian made products have been carefully selected to benefit our customers which are suited for entire buildings. We’ve got products for use from in-ground waterproofing,showers, complete bathrooms and external areas like decks, balconies, rooftops as well as  sealants, silicones, flooring products and concrete repair products 

Our products benefit the Australian climate and conditions, and they’re designed for use to stay sturdy and withstand against all types of Australian weather and potential damage. 

Come in and see our expert team today.