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Liquid vs. Sheet Membrane: Which Is Right for Your Development?

Many homeowners and even property developers mistakenly believe that when working with water-deterring materials like floor tiles, there is no need to install additional waterproofing measures. That, however, is not the case– especially for constantly water-exposed areas like showers, balconies and  pools as well as typically dry but moisture-attracting spaces like basements.

While waterproofing is an essential part of any residential or commercial development, the type of waterproofing methods you utilise are negotiable. The main material used in the process is waterproofing membrane, which is typically composed of liquid or sheet membrane. There are several varieties, but sheet membrane and liquid membrane are especially common.

There are benefits to both of these options, as well as some downsides. But there is not one membrane option that is inherently better than the other. The ideal option really just depends on your building or development needs, personal preferences, time allowance, budget, spaces being waterproofed, and local weather.

We highly recommend that you do some independent research and perhaps call on professional help when determining the best waterproofing membrane for you. However, this comparison of sheet membrane versus liquid membrane can help get you started.

Sheet Membrane: Membranes of this type generally can be applied directly to your substrate Continue Reading