Soudal Silirub S8800

38FC-SBR Fast Cure Dummy


Applications :

Sealing applications on natural stone such as marble,granite,etc. In sanitary areas and kitchens

Product description

Silirub+ S8800 is a high-quality, neutral, elastic one-component silicone based joint sealant.


No staining on porous surfaces such as marble, granite and other natural stones

Very easy to apply · No filamenting – can be shaped and finished very well

Colourfast and UV resistant ·Weatherproof

Permanent elastic after curing ·Corrosion free

Impervious to mould, contains ZnP (biocide with fungicidal action)

Excellent adhesion on glass, ceramic, enamel and galvanised metals

25% maximum allowed distortion ·Solvent, halogen, acid and isocyanate free.

Resistant against usual household cleaners and disinfectants

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