Polyurethane Sealant

Aftek Flex Pro 50FC Grey 600ml

38FC-SBR Fast Cure Dummy


Flex-Pro 50FC is a one component high performance construction joint polyurethane sealant/adhesive with high mechanical strength and excellent resistance to weathering. It is a fast curing high modulus sealant which cures to form a flexible and durable high strength watertight seal. It has a short skinning time, low VOC content and is designed for use in a wide range of construction applications.


Class A Sealant – Total Joint movement total 50% (±25%)
Low VOC, Non Hazardous classification (NOHSC & ADG code / Aust Safety and compensation council)
Good adhesion on both porous and nonporous substrates
Excellent durability and good weathering resistance
Non-sag on vertical and expansion joints up to 30 mm width
Short skinning time

Ideal for:
Construction joints
Expansion joints on heavy and light precast concrete panels, and in buildings
Joints in precast & tilt up concrete panels
Perimeter sealing around window and door frames
Curtain walls
Sealing of penetrations in walls or floors
Adhering aluminium composite panel to cement sheet, concrete or masonry
Trafficable application such as stairs, roads, runways and pavements

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