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Multithane Std is a single pack, liquid applied, moisture curing, self leveling, waterproofing membrane which cures to form a seamless, tough, durable, elastomeric (class 3 ) waterproofing membrane. Multithane Std bonds well to most suitably primed building substrates and is suitable for above and below ground applications.
Colour: Grey.

Multithane Std meets the criteria of:

  • AS4858:2004 Wet Area Membranes
  • AS4654.2 Exterior, for non UV exposed applications
  • the ‘Green Star’ environmental criteria.

The product exhibits excellent chemical resistance and has been formulated to inhibit biological growth.

Multithane Std is one of four versions within the Multithane range which include: Multithane UV; Multithane HV (High Viscosity  anti-‘sag’) and Multithane HV UV. Please refer to these product data sheets for more information.


Product Description


Multithane Std is designed to waterproof most non-exposed applications within the building and construction industry including:

Tiled or Covered Areas: Shower recess & wet areas (floors and upturns), decks, balconies, terraces, podiums, retaining walls, planters & landscaped areas, structural slabs, water retaining structures (e.g. tanks), pits and bunding areas.


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