Gripset 38FC SBR Fast Cure Membrane

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Gripset 38FC is compliant to AS/NZ 4858:2004 and AS4654.1:2012, satisfying the requirements of AS3740:2010 and AS4654.2:2012 for waterproofing to internal and external area’s.

Gripset 38FC utilises the latest in fast cure technology, enabling a recoat time of just 1 hour, a tile over time of just 4 hours, and a rain resistant finish in only 4 hours.

Flexible and elastomeric, Gripset 38FC is an ideal choicefor domestic and commercial projects with time constraints that require fast turnaround times.


Product Description

Features And Benefits

  • Water based, free of solvents, non toxic and non flammable
  • Fast curing, able to be tiled over after only 4 hours
  • Fibre reinforced for enhanced tensile strength and workability
  • Waterproof with ability to withstand continuously wet environments and ponding without re-emulsifying
  • flexible and elastomeric, accommodating normal substrate movement
  • Durable and tough seamless finish






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