Gripset GC-1 High performance waterproof & vapour barrier sheet


Gripset GC-1 is part of an innovative sheet membrane system that provides high performance waterproof and vapour barrier protection in the built environment. Consisting of an impermeable tear resistant core layer with a fleece facing on each side of the sheet, the unique properties of the GC-1 membrane enable it to form a fast and reliable waterproof tanking system in numerous applications. The GC-1 membrane surface enhances the adhesion for a range of finishes applied directly over the membrane while providing an outstanding anti-fracture system over floors by isolating surface finishes from cracks or shrinkage in the substrate.


Product Description

Features and Benefits:

  • Compliant to AS/NZ 4858:2004, meeting the requirements of AS3740 ”Waterproofing Wet Area’s in Residential Buildings”.
  • Provides an immediate waterproof finish upon completion, avoids delayed drying times.
  • Fast and reliable sealing method. Reduces Labour and application time of waterproofing by>50% over traditional sheet and liquid systems.
  • Enables the direct application of toppings, tiles, screeds, self-levellers and other finishes same day as waterproofing application.
  • Resists surface cracks and provides an anti-fracture system on floor substrates.
  • Provides a uniform waterproof surface finish.
  • Suitable on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Durable, tear resistant and able to resist perforation.
  • Alkali resistant.
  • Able to be finished over with a range of surfaces finishes.
  • Suitable for Commercial and Residential applications.






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