Soudal Glass and Glazing Silicone

//Soudal Glass and Glazing Silicone

Soudal Glass and Glazing Silicone


For all sealing, waterproofing and bonding applications where long term protection and weatherproofing is required. Offers strong adhesion to glass, tile, aluminium, metals (including power-coated & anodised), brick, concrete, painted surfaces, fibreglass, stainless steel, zinc & galvanised coated surfaces, etc. For best performance clean non-porous surfaces with Soudal Cleaner & Degreaser.

Features & Benefits
Neutral cure
Non corrosive
Highly flexible ± 25%
Excellent UV Resistance
Superior adhesion
Non slump
A quality, flexible, neutral cure silicone suitable for a wide range of applications including – sealing around glass, windows, display cabinets, frames and architraves, etc.

Available size 300ML
Available Colour Matt Black


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